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Course Description

This course includes 5 videos averaging 20 minutes in length that will give you hundreds of ideas and activities that can be implemented throughout your normal days to develop reading readiness skills in your children. Watch at your own pace, then, as your child grows and learns, rewatch to focus in on other ideas you can implement as your child progresses. Most activities can be done orally or using materials you probably already have at home.

The details

$199.00 | 5 videos | 100s of teaching ideas | 1 year of access | 1.5 hours of content |non-refundable

  • Introduction & Overview

  • Reading Building Block 1: Alphabet Recognition

  • Reading Building Block 2: Letter Sounds

  • Reading Building Block 3: Blending & Segmenting

  • Reading Building Block 4: Beginning Reading

Course Instructor

Janna Coates

I am a licensed K-8 teacher with 5 years of teaching experience and 23 years of tutoring experience. I have my Master’s Degree in Reading and Literacy from Walden University. I am also a mom of 4 kiddos and wife of 23 years to an amazing high school English teacher.

I want to arm parents and caretakers with the tools they need to build the foundations for their children to become confident readers. I believe there are several simple things parents can do at home before their children even enter kindergarten that will set them up for reading success.

Help your child get ready to read!


“This program ties together many activities I already do with my daughter every day with easy ways to help her improve her letter awareness and see huge improvements right away! So many of these activities and games are so simple to implement but I would have never thought of all them on my own. It helps to know the educational theory behind these games and think about how they are helping her form new associations between letters and words while she thinks she’s just playing a fun game! I’ve already tried a couple of these quick activities, and just seeing her light up when she makes new connections between words and letters is all the measurement I need to know the positive impact this is having on her learning!”

Sara F

“I was able to glean many useful ideas to implement. The information is thorough and creative. Janna offered many ways to implement learning through everyday life, not requiring additional resources, but with items readily available.”

Denise H

“I became enlightened and motivated to support my granddaughter's reading literacy. I like how a lot of this can be implemented as a game to make learning fun! ”

Tracey T

“Integrating learning with action is truly amazing so I love all the ideas you gave for this! It is amazing what kids can learn when having fun! I also loved the videos of Janna demonstrating some of these activities with young children.”

Gym W

“This program has an incredible amount of helpful content, hands on videos, and resources for parents wanting to help their kids become great readers. As a parent to a new reader, I highly recommend this program!”

Sierra W